Reporting usability problems, and an example that I'd like you ALL to read

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Thu Jul 23 16:30:04 UTC 2009

Il 23/07/2009 18:17, Vincenzo Ciancia ha scritto:
> - no underestimation of the person reporting the bug or discussing.
> Members of the team are supposed to know what usability is, so if at a
> first glance it seems they are saying something stupid, perhaps a second
> look is needed. Acting like the person is a newbie who needs technical
> explanations about why the behaviour is that way will only create
> endless discussions.

And here I forgot to mention that the code of conduct will also clearly 
state that there will be no offence to developers for their decision, no 
sentences such that "I hope that someone will be fired for this" or "you 
want all hackers to run away from ubuntu" and so on. For the same 
reason: "no underestimation of the person developing the code or 

But indeed there should be a written, clear set of guidelines to which 
to make appeal for a clearer discussion. I think we already have those.


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