a safer system

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at di.unipi.it
Thu Jul 23 07:17:37 UTC 2009

Il 23/07/2009 04:43, Anthony G Weitekamp ha scritto:
> In short, the install of any one new application should never effect the
> operation of the entire system.  What do I need?  Separate Linux
> installations for each group of tasks that I may be working on? Really?

This is completely out of topic but you are asking the installation of 
new packages to be without side effects, I would say this is similar to 
functional programming, and in fact there is a software development 
model, and a linux distribution, called nixos, that are centered on 
purely functional package *deployment*. I did not have the time to 
understand it very well, but it's on my TODO list.



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