xdmcp disabled so why Broadcast=true in gdm.conf in default installs?

bluebird999999999 at Safe-mail.net bluebird999999999 at Safe-mail.net
Sun Jul 19 04:42:30 UTC 2009

With Ubuntu desktop installs, xdmcp is disabled by default.

Why then is Broadcast listed as true (enabled)?

In: /etc/gdm/gdm.conf
At: Broadcast=true

Should the Ubuntu developers mark this as false in new releases and should the Ubuntu desktop users modify this to false in current installs? Whether or not this Broadcast entry marked as true presents a security problem for a fresh install is another question.

chooser=true is also found on default installs, bad idea?

I spotted error messages with xdmcp in daemon log files, I don't use xdmcp, these error messages with xdmcp disabled should not be visible. I purged all vnc, rdesktop and similar remote client packages, no ports are open, the xdmcp error messages are highly suspect despite my best efforts.

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