Confirmation: US15W & UNR Issue

Kevin Fries kfries at
Thu Jul 16 15:28:30 UTC 2009

Hi guys, looking to see if someone can confirm this behaviour, or is it just this prototype board that I am working on (not sure if this is a bug in Ubuntu or hardware issue)

I have a COM module and carrier board that sports a Z530 CPU and the US15W chipset.

When I try to install Ubuntu UNR, it fails to properly read the crazy IDE bus present on the US15W chipset, and therefore fails to see my SSD.  However, when I install Jaunty, it sees it just fine, and installs without a hitch -- after which I am able to install the UNR task, and get to where I should have gotten in the original install

Again, just looking for confirmation of this inconsistency, thx

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