USB mass storage issues

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Thu Jul 16 10:44:27 UTC 2009

Hello Davyd,

Davyd McColl [2009-07-07 20:26 +0200]:
> [421393.358731] sd 22:0:0:0: [sdg] Write Protect is off
> [421393.358735] sd 22:0:0:0: [sdg] Mode Sense: 34 00 00 00
> [421393.358738] sd 22:0:0:0: [sdg] Assuming drive cache: write through
> [421393.358744]  sdg: sdg1

OK, it seems that the kernel detected it alright then.

> Strangely enough though, whilst there is a device /dev/sdg; there is no
> partition /dev/sdg1.

It could be a race condition in udev for creating those devices. Could
you do

  udevadm monitor --udev -e 2>&1 | tee /tmp/udev.log

and then do this unplug/plug dance a few times? We need an occurrence
of the "works" and "fails" case. Once it failed, control-c the monitor
and file a bug against udev and attach /tmp/udev.log.



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