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Mon Jul 13 16:53:37 UTC 2009

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Hi Davyd

Davyd McColl wrote on 03/07/09 06:54:
> With the spanky new Jaunty notifications in place for commonplace items such
> as IM messages, I have found it rather disappointing that we've actually
> *lost* the "safe to remove media" notifications that I came to love and wait
> patiently for under prior versions of Ubuntu.
> In the place of a rather spiffy-looking balloon-type notification, Nautilus
> now gives me a dialog which, for all intents and purposes, looks very
> unfinished: the message that it tries to display isn't even a complete
> sentence (so I'm assuming that the rest of it would be there if the dialog
> were bigger?).
> What are the dev plans for said removable storage notifications? Is this
> something which is going to be addressed as soon as a consensus is reached
> about how to address it? Is this something which is already addressed in
> Karmic? Or is this something which is just going to be left in a state of
> less polish than prior releases?

The Notify OSD specification includes a description of exactly how
safe-to-disconnect messages should be displayed.

If Karmic is not following that specification, please report a bug
<https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-disk-utility> with
steps to reproduce, and give the bug report the "notifications" tag.

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