dhcp3-client : still unable to set hostname from DHCP

Anigel anigel at gmx.fr
Tue Jul 7 18:47:07 UTC 2009


I started to work with Ubuntu nearly 4 years ago, mainly for
workstations. I have been using Gentoo Linux for a long time too, and
I was planning to switch my classrooms hosts to ubuntu since 2006. But
I had several problems which prevented me to migrate thoses PC (. Some
of these problems were blocking, and most of them got solved.

But one of these problems is that I am still unable to set my client'
hostnames from DHCP server. On Gentoo hosts, for instance, calling
dhcpcd with -H switch causes this agent to overwrite /etc/hostname at
boot time with hostname supplied by the DHCP server. This is a
blocking problem, which I solved by scripting a bit, but I really
would prefer to have something "clean", especially since ubuntu
updates may overwrite some of my "custom" modifications : a cleanly
working system is preferable ;).

A bug has been filled for this problem (1), but it does not seem to be
solved. Is there any chance to get a clean solution for this in a near
future please ?


(1) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dhcp3/+bug/90388

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