Standing in the street trying to hear yourself think

Andrew Sayers andrew-ubuntu-devel at
Fri Jul 3 18:47:37 UTC 2009

Evan wrote:
> Launchpad is for bug reporting and tracking, beyond that I have no idea 
> where the actual division of responsibilities lies. Perhaps clarifying 
> that (ex: Wiki is for Howtos only, forums are only for ...) and then 
> providing a meta-support page for each topic would help. So somebody 
> looking for help from Ubuntu gets directed to 
> <>. This would have links such as:
> I want to know how to do something (wiki)
> I want to report a bug on the topic (lp)
> I think I have a bug but I'm not sure (lp answers?)
> I have a question or suggestion concerning the future of the topic 
> (devel-discuss)
> None of the above (#ubuntu-signpost)

I'm coming to a similar conclusion from the opposite direction.  A quick 
chat in #ubuntu-signpost lead me to start writing this:

Hopefully people will go to the wiki signpost first, and 
#ubuntu-signpost if they fall off the bottom of the flowchart.  If that 
happens, we can update the signpost with answers from every individual 

It'll probably take me a few days to add all the signage I can think of, 
and it would be great if you could add signs to resources you know about.

	- Andrew

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