Make the Gnome Menu more accessible/intuitive

David dmf1988 at
Thu Jul 2 21:43:24 UTC 2009

In general I have found Gnome to operate exactly in the manner that I
would expect it too. For instance, unlike Windows, a dialog in one
program does not prevent the use of other programs. However, there are
nevertheless some shortcomings. One of the biggest is the Gnome Menu.
There is no built-in method of altering the contents of the menu or
even a built-in way of checking what command is issued by a particular
menu item. Instead, one must open alacarte or a similar program in
order to access this information. Although unlikely in actual
implementations, this allows for the possibility that one could have
the Gnome Menu installed without alacarte and thus have no easy way of
modifying the contents of the menu. I propose that the Gnome Menu be
modified so that right-clicking on an item allows one to view and edit
its name and the command it issues. This is what one would intuitively
expect from the menu.
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