Thoughts for assisting those with limited bandwidth

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at
Sat Jan 31 18:16:35 UTC 2009

On Saturday 31 January 2009 09:09:04 Davyd McColl wrote:
> Here it is: whilst I totally appreciate all the hard work that goes into
> patching and maintaining the current release version of large packages (like
> the kernel,, or even just warsow, which has a large data
> component), I don't appreciate a 78mb download every other day because one
> config item in the kernel config has been changed or tweaked.

If you want to avoid those sorts of updates and only get the security ones, 
you can disable the "updates" repository and just use "security".  That'd 
result in quite a lot of the updates being eliminated.  There are also 
changelogs available in the update window.  If the bug in question doesn't 
affect you, you can uncheck the update.

Mackenzie Morgan
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