Bug report

Andy Smith kovacs.endre7 at upcmail.hu
Wed Jan 28 11:21:21 UTC 2009

The Ubuntu avast! Antivir found a virus in Zope!

Magyar hibajelentés:

Az Ubuntu "Synaptic" csomagkezelővel telepítettem a "Zope" programot.
Mikor az avast! programot megnyitottam, frissítettem az adatbázist és
megvizsgáltattam a Teljes fájrendszert "Standard" módban. 
Az avast! vírust talált a Zope programban.

A vírus típusa: MW97:1TableBroken [Expl]
A vírus
helye: /usr/share/zope/Products/Archetypes:1.3/tests/input/word.doc

Eglish bug report:

I was installed the "Zope" packages with Ubuntu "Synaptic".
I opened the avast! Antivir, updated the virus database and scanned the
Entire file system in "Standard" mode.
The avast! found a virus in Zope.

Type of virus: MW97:1TableBroken [Expl]
Destination of
virus: /usr/share/zope/Products/Archetypes:1.3/tests/input/word.doc

I want to open this document with OpenOffice.org Writer but my operation
system was freeze and I needed to repair the OpenOffice.org, because it
is not worked anymore.

After all I was uninstalled all of Zope packages.

If you send me your email address I can show you the screen shot I was
made about it.

My email addresses: < kovacs.endre7 at upcmail.hu > <
andyhu.smith at gmail.com > 

The details see below.
Andy Smith <kovacs.endre7 at upcmail.hu>
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