Doing something about signal:noise complaints

Andrew Sayers andrew-ubuntu-devel at
Thu Jan 22 16:23:18 UTC 2009

Markus Hitter wrote:
<snip - developers don't want to hear people complaining>

It's an interesting theory, and should be possible to test if enough
developers respond.  We could look at the correlation between people
identifying themselves as developers and identifying bugs, mistakes,
incompatibilities, and differing opinions as examples of noise.  It's an
anonymous survey, and one where good data should help to improve
developers' lives, so there'd be little reason for them to lie.

> You ask how likely it is for the participant to post to the -devel list.
> Isn't the -devel list closed to non-developers, making it not a choice
> for most people?

It's interesting you say that.  Apparently anyone can post, but it's
moderated for non-developers.  I don't subscribe to the list myself, but
I'm told that moderation is usually fairly rapid.  Would you mind
mentioning that you thought it was closed in your survey response
tomorrow?  If it's a popular misconception, better signposting might be
part of the solution.

	- Andrew

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