Lack of support for 32bits libraries under Ubuntu 64bits

Patrice Vetsel ubuntu at
Wed Jan 21 11:05:14 UTC 2009


I'm part of beta team test for a proprietary software (bibble 5). This 
software is compiled for 32 bits and 64bits is not planed at all.

So after reporting a new bug for this app, I discovered a big difference 
between Ubuntu64 and OpenSuse64.

Bibble 5 beta need libuuid in 32 bits installed. OpenSuse have many, 
many libraries installed in 64 AND 32, and many others available.
Under Ubuntu it's the oposite. 4 libraries are provided in 32 bits for 
compatibilities and are available for installation in ubuntu64.

The result is that i had to manually download/extract the libuuid for 
32bits. Manually because installing automatically (forcing installation 
of i386 package) libuuid in 32bits overwrite the 64bits verion files.

What is the position of ubuntu devs for this kind of problem ?


Patrice Vetsel <ubuntu at>
Aka/Alias Kagou
gpg key: 0x15c094db

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