[strawman] Make Git Branches of all Ubuntu Packages Too

Joseph Smidt josephsmidt at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 23:37:54 UTC 2009

	First I want to say I have used Ubuntu for years now and love just
about everything you guys are doing with it.  I hesitate sending this
email because I'm confident if it was a good idea you would already be
doing it.  Nevertheless, here it goes:

	As you all know there has been tremendous discussion over Git vs.
Bazaar recently.  Furthermore, Launchpad will soon have Bazaar branches
for all Ubuntu packages.  Would you considering having Git packages for
all packages as well?

	I like both Git and Bazaar, but is seems the the momentum is in Git's
corner.  I'm sure the point of the Bazaar branches is to promote the
development of open source software.  If by and large the majority of
open source developers are moving toward Git, having Git branches would
increase productivity.

	I know in the past Mark has said he would change the development
release schedule for Ubuntu if the rest of the Linux community
standardized to set release schedules.  Why not also bite the bullet and
standardize how open source projects track how we are modifying
	That's the argument in a nutshell: Git seems to more and more becoming
the standard for open source revision control.  Why not allow Launchpad
conform to that standard?  Bazaar could still be used by people who
prefer it.  

			Joseph Smidt 

Joseph Smidt <josephsmidt at gmail.com>

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