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for a while we have been collecting bugs related to nautilus-actions
[1], [2]). It seems a fix for these issues has been available for quite
some time upstream (see comments #118 onwards on [3]); the upstream bug
also shows this to be a quite common issue being reported on b.g.o).

So... we (and upstream) have been hit by this bug for quite some time,
and it seems we will continue to be hit for an undetermined period.

Some months ago I downloaded nautilus-actions trunk and built it on my
laptop, under Intrepid beta and (later) Jaunty alpha. I have not have
any issues since then; my experience until then was a failure every time
I closed Nautilus. Of course, this does not not mean much -- it is a
very restricted sample size to have any meaning at all --, but at least
it does compile & build clean on an AMD64.

So. My questions are:

(1) what is the the practice on Ubuntu for orphaned upstream packages?
Note that nautilus-actions is Universe, but it is a pretty
commonly-installed package.

(2) specifically, what should be done here? I see two options: correct
the issue, or drop nautilus-actions (of course, a third would be for a
Ubuntu/Debian developer (or, in fact, anyone willing) to take over
upstream). No matter which, a resolution should be pursued, since it is
a rather bad experience to see an error like this, going on through

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to comment.




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