Reportbug's behaviour now that bts=ubuntu is dropped

James Westby jw+debian at
Wed Jan 7 17:49:39 UTC 2009

On Wed, 2009-01-07 at 17:30 +0000, Iain Lane wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just a quick mail to solicit some kind of general consensus on this
> issue, which came up when I merged reportbug 3.48 from Debian[0].
> Previous versions of reportbug in Ubuntu were configured to mail bug
> reports to the ubuntu-users mailing list (AFAIK, I've never been
> subscribed to this). This was obviously unsustainable, and rightfully it
> has been removed as of version 3.47ubuntu1. What I'd like to discuss now
> is what reportbug should do by default. Currently (3.47ubuntu1), it
> displays this message when either the default BTS is set to Ubuntu or
> the user hasn't configured any default yet:
> `*** ERROR: "Ubuntu" BTS is currently unsupported. Please use
> "ubuntu-bug" (from the apport package) for
> reporting bugs in Ubuntu. You can report bugs to Debian by using
> bts=debian (see reportbug(1)).'
> The program then exits.

> What do people think is a good way to proceed on this? Will mis-filings
> to Debian be too high if we remove the explicit configuration
> requirement? Any other approaches?


Thanks for looking in to this.

I don't see editing a config file as too high a requirement for this, 
but I wouldn't be opposed to allowing configuration under your scheme
with a well worded notice.



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