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Nicolò Chieffo wrote on 26/02/09 21:01:
> For all of you who does not have a 121 DPI laptop, and said that the
> font size is good as it is, make sure to have a look at my screenshots
> Did your opinion change?

If your opinion did change, you've probably been misled. :-) If you
don't have a 121 dpi screen, looking at a screenshot taken at 121 dpi
will give you completely the wrong idea about how large the text is.

I opened your second screenshot in F-Spot Viewer and set it to
full-screen mode, so that it was scaled to show everything as large on
my screen as it is on yours. The text looked fine to me. It's a little
too bold, but that's because Vera/DejaVu Sans is not well-suited to GUI
text (it just happens to be the best we have). And the text used for
file/folder/volume names probably should be a little smaller than the
text used in the rest of the interface, but that's true regardless of
DPI (I suggest reporting a bug on Nautilus for that).

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