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> On Thu, 2009-02-26 at 21:08 -0500, Felix Miata wrote:

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>> >> On 26/02/09 14:31, Felix Miata wrote:

>> >> Real-world DPI has been steadily increasing from release to 
>> >> release.

>> > I don't see this to actually be the case. Even with laptops it seems
>> > that ~ 130 dpi is the maximum that most manufacturers are doing. I had a

>> It wasn't that long ago that they switched from 4:3 to widescreen. Before
>> that point, it was mostly 15" on 1024x768 (85 DPI), 17" on 1280x1024 (96 DPI)
>> & 19" on 1280x1024 (86 DPI) taking over from a lower average on CRTs. There's
>> still a lot of those in use. They mostly aren't replaced or soon to be
>> replaced yet.

> The switch to widescreen in laptops happened over 5 years ago. Even back

It may have begun that long ago, which I doubt, but it certainly did not
"happen" in anything resembling an instant.

> with 4:3 on laptops you could get 133 dpi screens (1600x1200 15" laptop)
> 5+ years ago.

Could get does not equate to affordable or high sales volume. Much more
common than 1600x1200 regardless of size was 1024x768 on 14" and 1400x1050 on

> So I still don't see a continual increase in dpi. I see an
> increase in dpi to about the maximal usable with the fact that Windows
> doesn't scale properly to higher dpi and then stagnation in the field.
> IBM had made 200 dpi screens around 5 years ago but they have been EOL'd
> since Windows still isn't resolution independent. 

These may not be the best around, but even if they're off by 50%, the real
world still  hasn't been anywhere near constant for the past 5 years:

> Here are some interesting articles about High DPI from the Microsoft
> perspective.


Very good. Thanks!

Visual perspective on the situation most experience now:
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