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> This discussion was started becaus Sebastien Bacher asked for it.
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> Hello, now that the default DPI is asked to X, it's no more '96' as it
> used to be in intrepid. This means that if I have a 1440x900
> resolution, my DPI is set to 121.
> This is really a good thing because now fonts look exactly the same on
> every monitor, not depending on the resolution.
> I have to say that the gnome default font size (which is 10) is too
> big. it looks really huge!
> A default value of 8 should be ok, in my opinion
> What do you think of this change?
> images:

I have to say, for me, that would be bad. I have a 19"LCD with 1440x900
resolution. The DPI comes out to 90, making the defaults too SMALL. I
have to increase the font size to 12 to read the screen, since my eyes
are not great. Decreasing the font size to 8 could mean I give up
Ubuntu, because I can't read anything, a necessary thing to change the
font size to bigger.

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