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On 2009/02/26 12:54 (GMT-0600) Ryan Hayle composed:

> The point is not to alienate any users, or even to reduce the visible 
> size of the font.  The problem is not just a matter of "preference". 

On the contrary, preference is about the difference between acceptable and

> The problem is that, now that Jaunty is using the correct monitor DPI 
> (instead of defaulting to 96), fonts are appearing *larger* than 
> intended. 

Intended by whom, mousetype lovers? My point was those who find it
inappropriately large can easily manage to fix it. Those who find
inappropriately small have to somehow manage to overcome a legibility
obstacle to fix it - a chicken/egg situation.

> The corresponding solution is to reduce the default font
> sizes, so that they appear the same size as intended in previous Ubuntu 
> releases.

Real-world DPI has been steadily increasing from release to release. What may
have been intended two years ago, when due to DPI fixed at 96 resulted in
arbitrary sizes, can't necessarily be related to a "correct" size now that
DPI is no longer arbitrary.

> See the screenshots posted--Jaunty will be very ugly if it 
> ships with those fonts as a default on anything but the oldest of 
> low-resolution screens.

The larger of those was here preferable to the smaller, even on my lowest DPI

The "oldest of low-resolution screens" still in use is probably 800x600 13"
visible/14" advertised CRT - about 77 DPI. Lowest resolution desktop display
in stores today is probably 20" 1440x900 - about 85 DPI. That's only about
10% DPI difference.

"Ugly" is in the eye of the beholder. To some, the definition of ugly is the
functional equivalent of too small, just as well as others to whom it equates
to too large.

In any event, and regardless what nominal size is ultimately released as the
default, it's still much easier to for a user to fix too large than it is to
fix too small, which is the entire point of my original thread reply.
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