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> Yes. Currently the most spread resolution is:

> 1280x800 (in 15") what is the DPI? (how can I evaluate the DPI of a monitor?)

1-You can calculate it. Divide the inches your display measures (~12.7" wide)
into the screen resolution (1280px aka dots wide) == ~107 DPI.

2-Look it up in a chart:

There are several ways to see what X thinks DPI is:

2-xdpyinfo | grep resolution
3-xrdb -query | grep dpi
4-kcmshell xserver (only if KDE is installed)

All 3 should match, but don't be surprised if they don't. One reason they
might not is that Firefox will not go below 96 unless you change the default
-1 setting of its hidden hidden preference "layout.css.dpi" to 0. Also,
Firefox doesn't round very well, so might be off by 3 purely due to rounding
(e.g. 108 actual has 111 reported).
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