Default font size in gnome

Ryan Hayle hackel+ubuntu-devel-discuss at
Thu Feb 26 18:54:20 UTC 2009

On 26/02/09 12:32, Felix Miata wrote:
> Terrible. Users who find the default too large should have no trouble
> using
> the tool to make fonts smaller. Those with the opposite problem may not be
> able to see to make a change.
> Windoz defaults to 8pt, and that's way too small even when set to large fonts
> (120 DPI).
> Not all users are under 40 years old. Older people as a group can't see as
> well as those younger. We don't need to alienate them by making Ubuntu hard
> for them to use.

The point is not to alienate any users, or even to reduce the visible 
size of the font.  The problem is not just a matter of "preference". 
The problem is that, now that Jaunty is using the correct monitor DPI 
(instead of defaulting to 96), fonts are appearing *larger* than 
intended.  The corresponding solution is to reduce the default font 
sizes, so that they appear the same size as intended in previous Ubuntu 
releases.  See the screenshots posted--Jaunty will be very ugly if it 
ships with those fonts as a default on anything but the oldest of 
low-resolution screens.


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