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Manish Sinha at
Thu Feb 26 12:25:09 UTC 2009

Asha Rose wrote:
> Hello there,
> I don know if I am posting to the right mailing list. If I am not 
> please excuse me. One issue I have to discuss.
> Ubuntu is getting really good popularity which is really appreciable. 
> One issue I have seen can be explained with a real life experience.
> I have started to use linux from 2006. The first Linux which was 
> introduced to me was Ubuntu as it is very user-friendly. Now I have 
> tried different Distros, still I am using Ubuntu on my personal 
> notebook.  I am from India and most of the people I know here are not 
> much familiar with ubuntu or any Linux distros.
> So I suggested some of my friends and relatives to use ubuntu and they 
> happily agreed and installed it. Most of them are much interested into 
> listening to music. Also they were not connected to internet. After 
> the installation of Ubuntu, they liked it very much. when they tried 
> to play some songs with the players coming with the installation they 
> got irritated. The codecs for any player has to be installed from the 
> internet and they switched back to the other OS which they were using.
> Is there any way to include the codecs with the players so that it 
> will come with the basic ubuntu installations. Almost all other things 
> they require are coming with ubuntu basic installations.
> If I am posting the wrong thins please excuse me. Thank you so much to 
> all the ubuntu developers as ubuntu gave me a very good introduction 
> to Linux.
> -- 
> Regards,
> Asha Rose V
This is not the correct mailing list for posting your queries. Use the 
ubuntu-users at for your queries.

Secondly, when asking a question, always start a new thread. *Don't* 
reply on the earlier thread. Remember this point always. Always start a 
new thread when asking a new question.

Asha, please post your queries on that list. (ubuntu-users)

Two more rules are -
* Never reply to a digest mail. If you want to ask any question. Start  
a new thread
* Always set the topic of the mail


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