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My name is Guillermo Dominguez. I work in Mexico and we are trying to get
working a backup server using wget to mirror files from remote offices. So,
lately I realized about the fact that wget doesn't finish the download when
it suffers a connection loss and then reconnect. Because of a bug that makes
wget to not CWD after the failure and cant find the file again.

            I am using Ubuntu 8.04 on the server, and wget 1.10.2-3ubuntu1.
I want to know hot to patch wget to fix this bug, or at least if you can
tell me that wget 11 will be released soon and having this bug fixed.

            I have to tell that I have never compiled a package or patched a
package. Can you explain me please?

Thanks in advance.




I.S.C. Guillermo Dominguez Duarte

Servi Industrias del Noroeste S.A. de C.V.

Asistente de sistemas

Departamento de T.I.

Correo:  <mailto:guillermo.dominguez at>
guillermo.dominguez at

Tel. 2 17 31 46

Cel. 6622 33 53 43


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