git-daemon-run: default server location contradicts the FHS

Allan Caffee allan.caffee at
Fri Feb 13 14:08:13 UTC 2009

I noticed that the package git-daemon-run by default expects the repositories
it serves to be located in /var/cache/git.  This behavior contradicts the FHS
which states

        /var/cache is intended for cached data from applications. Such data is
        locally generated as a result of time-consuming I/O or calculation.
        The application must be able to regenerate or restore the data.
        The application must always be able to recover from manual deletion of
        these files (generally because of a disk space shortage).

This sets people up to have their entire repositories deleted by an admin
looking to free disk space.  :( I realize that the README.Debian for this
package suggests that the repositories themselves should be symbolic links, but
it seems dangerous all the same.  I think we should change the default to


P.S. Please CC me as I'm not not on the list.

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