Questions about Encrypted Home in Jaunty

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at
Mon Feb 23 00:56:25 UTC 2009

On Sunday 22 February 2009 13:18:25 Evan wrote:
> Just noticed this option in the Jaunty installer, and I really like the
> concept, but it raises a few questions:
> Will my files be decryptable by third-party encryption applications such as
> Truecrypt? While I would like to encrypt my files, being able to access them
> from outside Ubuntu is important. Being able to use Truecrypt on Windows to
> view my encrypted files would be very helpful.

I don't believe Windows has any support for EcryptFS.

> I have my home folder on a separate partition from root. If I encrypt my
> home folder, then reinstall to the root partition without touching home,
> will I still be able to access my files (assuming I install with the same
> username/password)?

Yes, that should work fine.

Mackenzie Morgan
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