Request for gparted to be bumped to current in Jaunty for ext4 support.

Dean Loros autocrosser1 at
Sun Feb 22 02:14:10 UTC 2009

I have started to hear problems thru the Jaunty testing forum on with the lack of support in gparted for ext4. There is 
a general bug report about gparted ext4 support at:  and as 
gparted is currently at .43 at, the PPA listed in the 
thread at: is at .42-1 
and "official" Jaunty is at .39-1......I request that we exempt gparted 
from feature freeze to include support for ext4.

This will be very needed to move forward with ext4. It looks like ext4 
needs to be at least optional (if not default) as it has better 
feature-set, better error correction and faster transfer rates--which 
helps Ubuntu meet faster speed for the end user.

I have been very active in promoting ext4, so my opinions are 
biased---but I really believe that ext4 is the future for at least the 
next few years, so getting ahead of the curve is of paramount importance 
for Ubuntu & the Linux community in general.

Dean Loros
Performance by Design Ltd.
autocrosser at

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