Installation fails and the corresponding bug report

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Sun Feb 22 00:20:54 UTC 2009

 > but I think the point is that if a developer asks you
> (not) to do something, you (don't) do it.

I don't think anybody in this community is obeying to anybody's orders 
(except _perhaps_ canonical developers).

 > I think Colin explained the reason in his reply.

I am not questioning Colin's request, I am asking for an explanation. 
Can you see why I am confused?

When you approach bug reporting you're taught to search for duplicates 
before reporting bugs. Did you notice that launchpad does this for you?

I will surely do what Colin asked me for any other ubiquity report, but 
I don't think that I am supposed to do this for ordinary, non 
hardware-related packages. If I should do this, I'd be curious to 
understand why in the past I've been instructed in the opposite way - no 
polemics intended.


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