Improving resume speed

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at
Sat Feb 21 19:48:18 UTC 2009

On Saturday 21 February 2009 11:23:32 am (``-_-ยดยด) -- BUGabundo wrote:
> Jaunty had/has the objective to have a fast startup (<25 secs),
> But the current technique to resume hibernated machines (using the kernel 
mode) is too slow, and doesnt use compression.
> pm-utils (pm-hibernate via s2disk) currently does this, and have a much 
nicer UI (it shows progress), but unfortunately it got broken last weekend on 
jaunty [1].

Kernel modesetting for graphics was mentioned as a possibility for Karmic.  
That should make the flicker time for graphics after resuming from suspend 
shorten considerably.

Mackenzie Morgan
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