Nonsensical jack sensing - A bug day idea

Dan Chen crimsunkg at
Fri Feb 20 16:29:16 UTC 2009

It's not that hda-intel cannot detect the sub-model but that
many BIOSes incorrectly initialise their codecs, hence the
foo_cfg_tbl quirk entries.

--- On Fri, 2/20/09, Zachary Powers <zpowers at> wrote:
It is my understanding that ALSA issues, like the ones you describe above, originate mostly from one single driver, the driver for Intel HDA cards. Is it the fact that the driver has difficulty detecting the audio card's sub-model(sub-models are the vendor specific versions of these audio cards that have changes made to them by the OEM) that many of these issues happen. The way the driver is designed is that it uses the BIOS to automaticly detect the sub-model, but many OEMs do not specify the sub-model in the BIOS like they should.

Perhaps there is some other method this driver can use to try to detect the Intel card's sub-model?


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