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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 20 11:33:27 UTC 2009

Hello Daniel,

Daniel J Blueman [2009-01-29 20:53 +0000]:
> Where there is no updated package pre-built in debian experimental,
> what's the process to take upstream code and contribute a proposed
> package? Also, how can we share this with Debian to reduce
> duplication?

Please submit patches or newer packages to a bug report against that
package, in both Ubuntu and Debian. Also make sure to link the Debian
bug to the Launchpad Ubuntu bug, so that cross-references are easy to

> This is what I see so far:
>  1. apt-get source the current version


>  2. import updated upstream source
>  3. apply existing debdiff hunks against this
>  4. add entry to debian/changelog

You might want to use the "uupdate" tool, which does those. You
should edit the changelog to describe the changes from the new
upstream version, close LP/Debian bugs, etc.

Or follow


>  5. generate updated debdiff

For a new package version, please rather add the diff.gz and .dsc to
the bug report, and subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors or


> After, who do we send the updated debdiff - the package 'maintainer' field?

No, please use bug reports.


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