Fake login screens

Mike Jones eternalorb at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 01:31:17 UTC 2009


    Please don't think I'm just trying to stir up more noise. In discussion
with the people using this list I've seen the wisdom in taking a personal
inconvenience for the greater good regarding the C-A-B issue.

    But I've tried Alt+SysRq+K on many different computer systems I have
access to. It doesn't seem to do anything. Could you please explain what I'm
doing wrong? Or help me find out if I should file a bug report?

    Thanks so much.

-Michael Jones

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Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 18:12:25 -0500
From: Mackenzie Morgan <macoafi at gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Fake login screens
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On Saturday 14 February 2009 5:43:20 pm Mario Vukelic wrote:
> On Sat, 2009-02-14 at 16:52 -0500, Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
> >
> > And *YOU* are missing the point that Ctrl+Alt+Delete on Ubuntu
> > *already* does what Windows does when you hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete but are
> > actually already logged in: it asks if you want to log out.
> Nope it does not. The windows *kernel* intercepts C-A-D, user processes
> can't. It's specifically designed as a way to prevent fake login
> screens: pressing C-A-D *guarantees* a kernel-approved login.
> http://blogs.msdn.com/larryosterman/archive/2005/01/24/359850.aspx
> Guys, doing your homework before posting would make developers more
> likely to stay subscribed.

The point was just "a way to get logged out with a keyboard shortcut" but if
you would like to still have it kill session, the kernel *does* intercept
Alt+SysRq+K as pointed out a billion times already.  Seriously, we have a
userspace and a kernelspace way around this one.

Mackenzie Morgan
apt-get moo
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