Fwd: Is disabling ctrl-alt-backspace really such a good idea? - no.

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at di.unipi.it
Sat Feb 14 08:24:32 UTC 2009

On 13/02/2009 Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
>     The fact is, many things are easier to fix afterwards.
>     Particularly because that's the only time you'll find people
>     motivated enough to bother about it. If you were to need to fix
>     everything before-the-fact, nothing fundamental would ever get
>     fixed, simply because the people who can fix one thing are not
>     usually the same people who can fix another.

If developers of a new technology are not motivated enough to make it 
usable (not "testable") why should one bother including it in a 
mainstream user-oriented distribution?

That said, I still don't understand why removing a functionality that 
does not harm anybody and that is really useful in some circumstances. I 
see this discussion will be pointless, though.

However,  I am also sure that MOST people I know will tell me that 
ubuntu is a dictatorship after discovering that they can't tell "hit 
CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE" on the phone to their unexperienced friends.

I typically am the guy that persuades friends using linux that the new 
*DEFAULT* choices ubuntu makes in every release are good even though 
they look like evil. But this time I don't really have a justification.


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