can't build modules on 2.6.28 jaunty

Nigel Henry cave.dnb2m97pp at
Fri Feb 13 19:45:07 UTC 2009

On Friday 13 February 2009 16:24, Paul S wrote:
> I've been running jaunty for a couple months and been unable to build
> the alsa driver module. I also tried buiding it from alsa-project source
> package and have the same failure.  I had filed a bug against
> alsa-source, but am wondering if it's really a kernel (or kernel
> headers) bug.  Can someone suggest how to trouble shoot?
> The launchpad bug link is

Hi Paul.

I'm probably no help to resolving your problem, but have successfully upgraded 
the alsa driver on Intrepid. That was version 1.0.18a from the alsa project 
site, as below.

I did not use module assistant, but simply cd'd to the directory created when 
the tarball was unpacked, and ran the usual, ./configure, make, then sudo 
make install, and the alsa driver was upgraded with no problem.

As long as the headers are installed for the kernel your building against, 
there should be no problems. Looking back in synaptic to see for extra needed 
packages that I had installed, the main one was build-essential. A couple of 
others are there, but may have been for something else, but the 2 packages 
are, debhelper, and dpkg-dev.

I had a problem upgrading the alsa driver on Hardy's 2.6.24 kernel. and also 
the Etchnhalf 2.6.24 kernel on my Debian Etch install. Still unresolved, but 
as sound was working ok on both of these, and it was just an experiment to 
see if there were problems upgrading the alsa driver on these kernels. I 
havn't gotten around yet to finding out what the problem was, but make threw 
in the towel a lot earlier than your make.

Are your sounds working ok on Jaunty. If so, were you just experimenting like 
me to see if the latest alsa driver would build and install ok?

Which alsa driver is installed on your default install of Jaunty, as I don't 
have it installed yet.
cat /proc/asound/version

All the best.


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