Is disabling ctrl-alt-backspace really such a good idea?

Mike Jones eternalorb at
Thu Feb 12 21:31:57 UTC 2009


    Now, I didn't know that the Alt-Sysrq-k shortcut existed previously. If
the C-A-B shortcut is being disabled because Alt-Sysrq-k does the exact same
thing with simply a different key combination, then I have no objection at
all to disabling C-A-B. Its true that its easy to hit if your not actively
trying to avoid it.

    My objections stemmed from my belief that the only way to access that
feature would be disabled if C-A-B was to be disabled.

    In light of that new info, I would say all of my objections are handled
quite nicely by Alt-Sysrq-k.

MIchael Jones
Junior Software Engineering and Computer Science major
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

>From what I understand, Ctrl-Alt-Backspace isn't the only way to kill X.

Alt-Sysrq-k also works, and is still enabled, as it is significantly less
likely to be hit by accident.

I don't really see what all the fuss is about? People who know what they're
doing can still kill X if necessary, and people who don't know what they're
doing won't accidentally lose all their work when they mis-type. It seems
win-win to me.

Just my two cents,
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