Reasons Why Jaunty Will Not Ship With 2.6.29

Andy Rogers ubuntu at
Thu Feb 12 08:11:39 UTC 2009

> This is most likely simply a difference between *your* 2.6.29 config and
> the Ubuntu 2.6.28 one - I expect you compiled in many of the drivers
> your computer needed, and omitted those you didn't
> If you used our config, and just tweaked where necessary, I'd be very
> interested to see comparative bootcharts of your machine with 2.6.28 and
> 2.6.29
> Scott
> --
> Scott James Remnant
> scott at

Hi Scott

I shall have ago at producing some boot charts tonight with comparisons
between the .28 & .29 Kernel.

I did not actually produce my own kernal, I used the one from this post
here adn used
the default 2.6.28 confih which was installed with the updater.


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