Fwd: Is disabling ctrl-alt-backspace really such a good idea?

Thomas Jaeger thjaeger at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 07:08:39 UTC 2009

John Moser wrote:
>> This is not how grabs work.  If a client that has grabbed the
>> Keyboard/Pointer/Server is killed all grabs are automatically released.
> Try this when qemu freezes.  I've frequently had to C-A-F1, kill qemu,
> then alt-F7 back and ... wow, nothing works.  C-A-F1, DISPLAY=0:0 qemu,
> go back, hit a button, hit C-A to release grab, and close qemu. 
> Repeatably.

I don't know what qemu is nor what it does when it claims do a "grab".
But regular X grabs behave the way I described above.  If they aren't
released when the connection closes chances are something else is going
on.  I know this is getting old, but you don't happen to have a link to
a bug report where this is discussed?

>> Bug report?
>>> Computers will always do very strange thnigs, most of which don't make
>>> sense and shouldn't happen.
>> Those things can be fixed though.
> Yes, exactly.  Just don't be surprised if someone says something happens
> that shouldn't.

No.  What surprises me is when people are fine with those bugs as long
as there is a quick way to kill the X server that is enabled by default.

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