Fwd: Is disabling ctrl-alt-backspace really such a good idea?

Thomas Jaeger thjaeger at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 18:19:26 UTC 2009

habtool wrote:
> More chats about it here:
> http://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.com/2009/01/since-we-all-know-x-is-nowhere-near.html

I think it's quite telling that the people that have accepted X Server
freezes as a fact of life could point to a single bug report where such
an issue was discussed.  This, of course, leaves us completely in the
dark as to what the real issues are, but in any case, C-A-B is not the
solution.  It's very simple actually: If your X Server does weird stuff
like that, that's not normal (seriously, don't tell anyone it is,
because it isn't). *File a bug report*.  People are generally very
interested in fixes those.

Let's speculate a little bit what kind of issues these people are
seeing.  If it was bugs the drivers, C-A-B probably wouldn't do
anything.  I very much doubt that these are bugs in the actual X server,
because then everybody would be affected.  So that leaves as the most
likely candidate client applications that run amok and don't release a
server/pointer/keyboard grab.  If that's the case, nothing is lost yet
and you can switch to a terminal or ssh into your machine and kill the
offending application to get your X Server back to normal.  Then file a
bug report and get the application fixed.  I seem to remember something
about a release-all-grabs key, which would make it much easier to get
things back to normal, but I can't find anything about it right now.


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