incapable and obsolete APT / Aptitude replacement

Surfaz Gemon Meme surfaz28 at
Sun Feb 8 18:47:22 GMT 2009

> Both of Zypper and SMART has also capabilities to manage repositories and keys, which is something APT can't. So What are your opoinions of implementing
> 1) Zypper to ubuntu
Zypper supports different formats, the same as Libzypp. Currently there are:

* Repositories YaST2 (which are used on the installation CDs, also
called susetags)
* Repositories "XML Metadata RPM" (also known as the YUM rpm-md)
* A physical directory that contains one or more RPM packages (Plaindir)
> 2) SMART as a default package manager, if Zypper would be imposible.

Thanks! I didn't know...

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