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> I would like to ask you a little bit controversal question. As a user I miss in ubuntu a powerfull dependency solver. You can read many discussions all over the web, where users are threatened that RPM causes dependency hell. In my experience it's totaly impossible to manualy create dependecy hell, which has an existing solution, and can't be solved by Zypper/libzypp (opensuse), which is the most powerfull existing dependency solver at all, based on SAT.

I'm not sure what happens when you do that add/remove repository thing,
but I thought "dependency hell" referred *only* to having to figure out
and install all of the dependencies in the right order--something that
hasn't been necessary in the RPM world almost as long as its been
unnecessary in the deb world.  But that's what yum exists for.  I'm sure
if you forgo yum you'll still need to manually find all of the
dependencies on RPM systems, just as you would if you used only dpkg
with no apt.

But I *think* eventually there is talk of moving to SMART.  Canonical
funds it afterall...

Mackenzie Morgan
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