No Cyber Cafe Software for Ubuntu yet...

Patrick Freundt patrick.freundt at
Sat Dec 26 15:02:38 UTC 2009

While we are getting more and more philosophical about the origin
question, I am wondering if the Cyber Cafe as we used to think of is
not dying anyways. At least the fact, that somebody is renting out
hardware that runs with a specific operating system and you as
customer are charged by the time that you spend with a lot of

A Cyber Cafe in the old days was good for people who had no hardware
nor an internet connection. But most kids have mobile devices now with
connectivity. So the whole concept might change to something like a
comfortable place for people to meet, where they can bring their
hardware, use whatever operating system they like and use whatever
hotspot that is open somewhere close enough.

Or you have people who have no hardware but a specific task and also
different demands regarding the right environment to work on that
specific task.

That opens up a lot of interesting topics other than just another old
styled billing system, right?


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