No Cyber Cafe Software for Ubuntu yet...

Chris Jones chrisjones at
Sat Dec 26 08:23:48 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2009-12-26 at 06:23 +0000, Martin Owens wrote:
> Isn't laziness a good thing? If the OP is willing to pay for the
> development of tools to speed or make easier the setup of these systems,
> then we should support them, not ridicule them as being lazy.
> The target of computing design is to make the very complex, simple to
> operate. If it takes a lot of work to set up the OP's systems, then the
> tools are badly designed for this task. QED.
> Martin,


Apologies if I came across a little harsh. I never meant it like that.

By all means, I agree there needs to be further attention and
development in this sector, but all I was pointing out is that there are
alternative ways of doing things until the software side of things gets
to a point of where it can can some of the load off the manual work.

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