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Onkar Shinde wrote on 23/12/09 09:19:
> On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 3:09 AM, omar ar <papan_selaju27 at>
> wrote:
>> Why not the ubuntu developer develope the cyber cafe software that
>> works with ubuntu server and clients. There is no any cyber cafe
>> software for ubuntu yet. and make it open source perhaps. It will
>> make easier for anybody who wants to open a cyber cafe business.
> Just saying cyber cafe software doesn't say much. What kind of
> functionality are you looking for. Perhaps it is already available in
> different packages.

A client applet that locks the screen whenever the computer is not in
use; shows time elapsed, and charges so far, whenever it is in use; and
completely resets the environment when the customer has finished.

An editable schedule of charges for amount of time spent on the computer
(including things like overnight specials and loyalty programs), and for
extras such as printing and CD-Rs.

A dashboard showing a geographically-correct map of computers in the
cybercafe; whether each one is free, in use, in use but idle, or
unresponsive; and for each one in use, how long it has been used and
what charges have accrued. The ability to add extra charges to a
computer manually, or to reset its time if something went wrong.

Integration with the printing system, so that when someone prints
something they get charged automatically.

As a bonus, the ability to check what's happening on the screen of each
computer to ensure that it won't be disturbing other customers.

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