Problems using apport-chroot for local crash analysis

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Tue Dec 22 13:38:57 UTC 2009

Hello Alain,

Alain Kalker [2009-11-27 10:18 +0100]:
> Problem #1: How do I setup apport to send crash reports to a local
> machine and not to Launchpad?
> For the sake of argument, let's suppose the crash reports will simply be
> copied over to <coroner> for analysis.

That's in fact what would be easiest to do. Instead of uploading them
to a bug tracker and downloading them again, just run the Apport GUI
on the client, but then don't upload. Instead, copy the .crash file to
coroner. (This is a little easier with using apport-cli, which has an
explicit command for "keep report in a file").

> Problem #2: The report generated right after a crash happens, doesn't
> include the required field Package in the report. Only when the user
> clicks on "Report Problem", this information is included, including an
> incomplete stack trace (see Problem #3), but I want to be able to do
> unattended crash reporting.
> I reported this problem originally as a bug: LP: #487759 [1], and Martin
> Pitt explained that this info isn't collected right after the crash for
> performance reasons.
> He suggested that I use apport-retrace's -R option to rebuild the crash
> report. The problem is that this requires me to also use the -o option.

I don't understand that. -R and -o are independent from each other?

> Unfortunately, this causes apport-retrace to attempt a retrace. Back to
> square one (well, Problem #3 actually).

I don't understand this either. The entire purpose of apport-retrace
is to regenerate the Stacktrace fields, so why shouldn't it be done

> Problem #3: The backtrace from a crash report (even after retracing on
> <coroner> is incomplete (no function parameters, often even no function
> names at all).

That's why apport-retrace can install the missing debug symbols (.ddeb

> When I view a crash report on <victim>, it contains an incomplete
> stacktrace. Reasonable, as <victim> doesn't have the necessary debugging
> symbol packages installed.
> But when I analyze a crash on <coroner> using apport-chroot in retrace
> mode, the stack trace is still incomplete. It seems that (still have to
> verify that) apport-chroot/retrace doesn't do a new retrace if the crash
> report already contains one.

No, apport-retrace explicitly refreshes Stacktrace* (that's its
purpose, after all). What is the particular output?

Without further information, my best suggestion is that your retracing
chroot does not have an apt source for ddebs set up?

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