Solang or Shotwell vs. F-Spot for Lucid

Otto Kekäläinen otto at
Sat Dec 12 22:03:40 UTC 2009

> Solang, Shotwell, and F-Spot are all fine image managers/organizers,
> but the current plan is to work on F-Spot to get it to meet the
> following needs: 
>       * Quickly viewing images by folder [currently handled by EOG]
>               * Solang and F-Spot both have view-modes but still
>                 require importing the image. Shotwell might not. 
>       * Editing images without importing (Shotwell does this)
>               * Rotating [currently handled by EOG]
>               * Red-eye removal [currently handled by GIMP]
>               * Cropping [currently handled by GIMP]
>               * optional: Annotating (like making lolcat) [currently
>                 handled by GIMP]
>               * optional: Painting on it [currently handled by GIMP]

Resizing and saving the file in another file format are also common
in-folder image manipulation tasks.

Personally I prefer Gthumb over EOG or F-Spots view-mode, since it is
fast, easy to use and has enough features. If I had the power, I'd
replace EOG with Gthumb and make Gthumb the default program associated
to all image file types. Current situation sucks. Even Windows XP's
in-folder image manipulation is better..

Shotwell looks nice, but I'm a bit sceptic about new software and how
mature they are.

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