Introduction to Ubuntu Distributed Development

Scott James Remnant scott at
Thu Dec 17 17:19:31 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-12-17 at 11:59 -0500, Adrian Perez wrote:

> But you might agree that work was accomplished by several people, and
> not a single person. No need to tell us that you need a Git-enable infra
> to compare with, when you know that can't be accomplished without the
> community support as has the bzr one evolved from both canonical and the
> community itself. 
Nothing is stopping any Ubuntu Developer (even those who work for
Canonical) from building things with GIT or Mercurial if they like.  I
take the fact that none of them are doing it as a sign that none of them
actually want it.

(Neither is anything stopping anyone outside the current community from
 joining the community *by* doing that work either.)

Indeed, the overwhelming feeling towards GIT I get from #ubuntu-devel is
one of dislike rather than love.

If I'm wrong, and there's a hoard of developers aching to use GIT
instead of bzr, then vote with your code editor! :-)

Scott James Remnant
scott at
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