How to reach (java2-runtime)

Norbert Schultz zaiib at
Sat Aug 29 12:19:02 UTC 2009


I try to understand why the bug

happens. The soprano backend (some semantic database backend for KDEs Nepomuk) 
wants to reach It is avaiable through the different java runtime 
implementations and the requirement of the package is also java2-runtime.

But it seems like no java implementation tell the linker where to find it; 
e.g. through /etc/ or a symlink to /etc/alternatives/ 
(both could be managed within update-java-alternatives). Or is there another 
way to get the correct path? The build procedure of the package itself (when 
called by hand) puts in the path through ld's "rpath" option which can also 
not be the solution if you want to be independent of the current jdk.


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