Ubuntu Advanced?

Dane Mutters dmutters at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 17:09:53 UTC 2009

> >  skripts, that generate configurationfiles, for everything they see and
> >  keep it forever
> > - better tested (community is there to help, some unixers would like
> >  easy-to-maintain systems for ther families too)
> But it is already tested a lot and it is easy to maintain for
> families, there are lot of stories about grandma using Ubuntu floating
> around.
> > - A centralized configuration that is under /etc/ and not too often
> >  changed by scripts, only if that is explicitly necessary.
> It is already done, as a basic principle of Debian and therefore Ubuntu too.
> >  And a bit more tidied-up configuration-tools that really use /etc/
> >  like the admin does.
> Yes, I agree, some nice guis for some uncovered system settings would be nice.
> > Ubuntu was so nice and tidy, because of its debian-flavour in the
> > beginnig and now its too much affected by many skript-features, that
> > make your life hard.

Just an example that I was arguing with yesterday: /etc/resolv.conf.
It's auto-generated by NetworkManager.  I like NM; don't get me wrong,
but if you need to change the DNS (or other) settings from the command
prompt, it's really a pain.


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