Why Ubuntu is not ready for prime time

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 18:00:22 UTC 2009

> Hey guys,
>   Are you all idiots?

Yes, I am. Why?

> Or perhaps microsoft/apple employees?

No, just an idiot.

> Ubuntu is more than ready for everyday users...I know ...I continually
> switch people to Ubuntu and have started a movement to get rid of windows
> and osx  from homes and businesses in the US  just as they are doing in
> Europe.

I have performed *buntu and Fedora installations for over 60 users,
and about 20 still use it daily. That means that for about two-thirds
of users Ubuntu does not perform some critical function, be it no
support for a webcam or printer, or the inability to run a particular
program, or no support for certain disabilities.

>   You people who say you have tried Ubuntu and got frustrated  are not an
> average user...you fall somewhere below that.

Where, exactly do I fall? Below a rock?

> My clients know NOTHING about computers or operating systems and ALL of them
> work on ubuntu better than they ever could on windows.... It is also
> completely free including support...so my only conclusion is that you people
> are like the ones who wont go and get the puppy advertised in the newspaper
> for free but as soon as the same person puts the ad in the paper that these
> same puppies are now $5  dollars each . y ou go out and buy then ALL the
> next day.

Actually, I'm the meanie who eats those puppies. Babies, too.

> Linus will eventually take over in the US  ,, there is no stopping it.

Rock on!

Dotan Cohen


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