Why Ubuntu is not ready for prime time

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 15:06:41 UTC 2009

2009/8/27 Jonathan Taylor <gringras at gmail.com>:
> Hello Dotan,
> I have tried Ubuntu several time over the past 5 years.  I usually get so
> frustrated that I go back to Windows XP.  This week, I installed Ubuntu 9.04
> on my Laptop.  I spent yesterday trying to install Flash and Real Player 11.
>  I failed at both.  There is a lot of web content that I just can't use, and
> I really don't see why Ubuntu has remained so complicated.  Why am I
> grappling with .bin and .tar.gz?

The problem seems to be that you even tried to grapple with .bin and
.tar! I have installed Flash from the .debs, and had no problems. Same
with 20+ users that I support (Kubuntu, though, that's Ubuntu with the
KDE desktop).

> I'm not a computer scholar, and I'm not as
> young or smart as I used to be.  I hate Windows, because Microsoft treats me
> like a criminal, not a customer.  Mac is ok, because they make things simple
> enough for me to understand, most of the time and I only need to use the
> terminal in emergencies.  But Linix? If I go to one of the libraries of
> programs, how can I tell one from the other?  They are not categorized.  I
> can only find something via word of mouth.

Here you mention my pet peeve of FOSS: the program names. Internet
Explorer is clear, what on earth does Firefox do? Windows Media Player
is clear, what does Amarok do? If I need a replacement for Notepad,
should I open VLC, Kate, Empathy, Pidgin, Kopete, or what else?!?

KDE makes this easier by listing things as "Firefox (web browser)" but
it still could be better.

> I did, finally, get Evolution
> email to work as I wished.  The Open office and other programs that come
> with the installation are fine, and I have used Open Office for a few years
> now.  The rest, I have not used.  I got so frustrated yesterday that I
> unplugged the laptop and put it on a shelf, before I broke it in anger.

Breaking hardware is _never_ a solution to broken software. When you
feel that you need to break something, take a deep breathe, step
outside, and punch the first big guy you see. Either he will pound you
to bits and the computer will be the least of your worries, or he will
flee in fear of someone who is confident enough to punch him, in which
case you get enough of an ego boost to feel better about the damned
computer problems. Win-win.

> I have read the Ubuntu forums and simply watching the Colbert Report is a
> major challenge, judging from what I have read.  THAT is a prime time
> example and Ubuntu is just not ready.

I do not understand this comment. Is the Colbert Report something that
you are trying to watch on Ubuntu?

Dotan Cohen


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